Lubbert Das


Meester snyt die keye ras
Myne name is Lubbert Das



Lubbert Das was formed in Nijmegen in the summer of 2012. After three months of frantic creation the first demo “Keye” was recorded in December and released in Februari 2013. A year later “Keye” was released on tape by the band and again a year later by the Spanish label Nebular Carcoma. In the autumn of 2015 the Dutch trio released “Deluge”, a 2 track EP containing 25 minutes of dark and aggresive black metal. Orgininally released on 100 hand numbered pro-cassettes by Haeresis Noviomagi, “Deluge” will also be presented in a high quality digipack release by Dunkelheit Produktionen in January of 2016.

Over the years Lubbert Das already built a reputation of furious and intense candlelit live performances. Shrouded in darkness, the band utilizes a unique combination of lo-fi and minimalist spectres of sound as well as a compositional style that is highly expansive in scope. While “Keye” touched on madness and agression, employing a more direct approach, “Deluge” takes a more introverted and sinister turn. When, after the closing melodies of “Forlorn Ages”, the listener is denied any last breath of comfort, there can be no doubt that Lubbert Das will continue to surprise anyone searching for gripping and honest black art.

Guitars, vocals: R
Drums, vocals: J
Bass, vocals: O