Solar Temple

Initiation into the Dionysian realms
Swallowed by the cosmic firmament


Haeresis Noviomagi, in conspiracy with Fallen Empire Records, presented the first demonstrative offering of Solar Temple in the year MMXVII. Forged in the catacombs of the nether realms in the year MMXVI, “Rays of Brilliance” provided a new shining path to psychoactive divination.
Music and art by O and M.

Today, Solar Temple offers their debut full length. “Fertile Descent” lures you in with its direct yet swirling black metal impression and unique approach. Like something sinuous at the edge of your vision but not quite perceivable, the two tracks of this album twist and bend with a dizzying ferocity. Pummeling sounds entwined with a distant echo that also feels warm and inviting.

“Fertile Descent” takes the foundation laid with their demo, and expands on its reverberant nature. Subtly giving a nod to a wide variety of bands ranging from contemporary dutch Black Metal to No Wave to old Psychedelics, weaving a veiled path for the listener.


Towards sustained worship and fertile practise.