Turia was started in the winter of 2014/2015. The band aims to evoke gripping black metal, stripped to its bare necessities. Utilizing a minimal setup of drums and guitar they bring to life a mirage of sound while anguished screams drag the listener into a vastness of desolation.



Their first album “Dor” is a strong statement of purpose in both its fury and its entrancement. Four tracks of minimalistic rage and power will put Turia on the map for those seeking worth within the rubble of our modern world.

Originally released on cassette through the fast expanding Haeresis Noviomagi group, “Dor” has since been released on vinyl by the cult Portugese label Altare Productions.

Turia returned with their second album entitled “Dede Kondre” in January of 2017. The record further develops the soundscape laid out in their previous effort “Dor”. An enveloping fury of manic primitive drumming, swirling riffs and haunting howls of torment; “Dede Kondre” strikes a balance between a triumphant paganism and melancholic seclusion. Recorded live, the groups’ second album develops the signature breathing atmospheric swirl of “Dor”. With the release the band showcases a more diverse and experimental focus, building on the more adventurous avenues explored in the past. The title is Sranan Tongo for ‘land of the dead’.

Vocals: T
Drums: J
Guitar: O